Who we are

My name is Glen Gallant, my company name is Driftworks Canada and our brand is G2 (G Squared).  We called our company Driftworks Canada to suggest we weren't stuck on any given format or idea, that we had the capacity to let our ideas drift into the work we chose to do and Canada of course because we are Canadians through and through.

The G2 was a nick name given to me (Glen Gallant) by some friends along the way and I decided to use it for the brand of the business, I liked the simplicity of it.


 Jesse Gallant is my son; he's a pilot, photographer and a partner in the business.  He is extremely creative, hard working and a huge supporter of Driftworks, in fact it was Jess who came up with the company name.  


Driftworks Canada is a small custom furniture design and build company that we are proud to call family run and ours.  We love working with wood and steel to create products that enhance any living space, if you’d like to discuss some ideas of what you would like to see in your living space, feel free to contact us anytime. (glen@driftworkscanada.com)